Many parents were concerned about to search right school for their cadet. In Bharatiya Sainiki Vidyalaya & Jr. College, we would like everyone to rest assured that all the incoming cadets are in very good hands; though our Sainiki disciplined curriculum and learning environment is very different from their other schools, there is absolutely no need to worry about cadets being able to cope up. We are well aware of the differences in cadets' abilities and speed of learning. One of the things that make our practices different is that there will be no pressure on cadets for being able to recite facts or regurgitate their knowledge. Since our educational philosophy is focused on learning, the best way for parents to support cadets is to ask them something like "What did you learn today?".

Indian culture and history will be taught but those concepts are difficult to define, and Indian culture and history will not be taught as a stand-alone syllabus with a test at the end. Instead, cadets will learn Indian culture and history through an inquiry model, asking and answering questions such as: "What does it mean to be Indian?", "How do I narrate my family history?" or "What are the challenges facing the nation of India today, and how we can use history to better understand them?" cadets will also be made aware of Indian history and culture in their other subjects.

Information and communications technology (ICT) is here to stay, and there is no doubt that the ability to utilize ICT effectively is an immense advantage to cadets, job-seekers, and businesses today. This phenomenon will probably become more profound in future years. Therefore, we will teach cadet how to safely and effectively use ICT. The most important point is that we must proactively teach cadet to use the internet properly rather than reactively punishing them when they use the internet inappropriately. There will be regularly scheduled lessons, at least once a week from Grade 5, about internet safety and security, appropriate use, and netiquette. The curriculum for these classes is available online from common sense media. cadet will be closely supervised and every teacher is trained in how to use ICT appropriately. Internet safety and security is not the responsibility of the computer teachers; it is the responsibility of each and every teacher. cadets will not be left unsupervised to surf the web but they will be closely supervised by teachers who have been trained in issues of cyber-safety.

We will use a lot of vigilance and the sustained commitment of a creative and well-educated teaching staff and leadership team. We need to develop a school culture of creativity, holistic education, and lifelong learning. This begins with the adults in the school. The teachers need to have the time and space to be creative themselves. The teachers need to have enough autonomy to take chances in the classroom and to do what is right for their cadets without meddling interference from management. We must create safe, stress-free classrooms and spaces where cadets and teachers can enthusiastically pursue and develop their ideas without fear of failure or the pressures of short-sighted competitions for marks and results. It is important to recognize the role that parents must play in developing such exciting and creative spaces. Like teachers, parents must model creativity and lifelong learning. When cadets come home from school, parents must take an interest in what the cadets are learning or doing rather than the marks they are receiving. If a cadet is passionate and creative about what she is learning, and if she feels supported by her teachers and her parents, then the good marks will certainly come.

Yes, Bharatiya Sainiki Vidyalaya & Jr. College does have deadlines for cadet admissions. We have a rolling admissions policy, and we will accept applications two times a year as long as places are available.

Yes also we meet with every family who applies to ensure that Bharatiya Sainiki Vidyalaya & Jr. College is a good fit for the child, the family, and the school.